Services: Office Technology Design

Design your Office around your Technology

Too often, technology is an afterthought when designing office spaces. The availability of wireless connectivity lulls business owners into a false sense that any office space can handle any new technology with ease. Unfortunately, interference from walls, appliance, and other technology lead to poor network performance despite the latest and greatest in cutting-edge tech.

However, with a little planning, your business can reduce technology costs while increasing efficiency to get the most out of any technological setup. When offices are being designed or renovated, I can coordinate with your contractor to ensure the proper infrastructure is laid, allowing for an optimal number of power sources, network access points, and miscellaneous data ports. Thoughtful planning can go a long way to preparing your business for technological success. To get your office space started in the right direction, give me call or send me an email.

Preparing for the Future

If your business is expanding its office space, I can coordinate with your contractor to ensure your office can accommodate its new technological infrastructure.

Wireless Network Optimization

If your business relies upon wireless networking to connect computers, I can set up better technology and placement of hot spots to maximize bandwidth.

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